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Over 30 years of experience

In 1981, David Stone set out to build an agency dedicated to offering quality service to the local business owners with regard to their employee benefits programs.

David has served in a management capacity in both the corporate world as well as with Metropolitan Life.  Merging the two positions gave David a clear idea of the services needed to fulfill the community's need for a better understanding of product desire and cost saving ideas.

Knowledgeable and Professional

In a time where customer service has become fashionable to be automated, we feel that personalized service brings our agency to the forefront.  Our clients have come to depend and trust the service and advice they receive from our office and the team of dedicated and well trained service members.

Commitment to Excellence

Stone Insurance Agency offers an array of products to service both the employer-employee relationship as well as the individual or family need.

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Our Mission

Stone Insurance Agency, Inc. is a privately-held insurance broker and risk advisor.  

Our mission is to provide

our clients with innovative and cost effective Insurance products and services resulting in sustained company growth and enhanced client value.

Quality service guaranteed Employees commitment to excellence

"Stone Insurance has provided quality insurance at affordable rates to my company for 28 years. David Stone, along with a staff of family and knowledge people has always made us feel like a part of their family. Great Company! Quality Insurance! Stone Insurance will be there for you."


Joyce Mitchum

Mitchum Contracting Inc.

Dry Branch, GA

David R. Stone, Managing General Agent

Cheryl Walker, General Agent

Evan Stone, General Agent

Jami Conover, General Agent/Customer


Debbie Sowell, Sub-Agent


Agent Team

Our administrative support team

Our administrative support team is dedicated to ensuring that your company's objectives and expectations are met.  We combine the expertise and knowledge of our on-site staff with the most advanced technological tools and processes to support quick and accurate response.

In order to ensure personalized, professional and responsive service, we assign a dedicated team to each of our clients.  Your Stone Insurance team will get to know your employees, your management team, your benefit plans and your corporate culture so they will be able to provide customized benefit solutions that make sense for your company.

Your dedicated team

This is where our knowledge and experience truly work to your advantage - we understand the products, the risks and potential for problems.  Stone Insurance is here to make sure your benefits package is well-suited and practical.  Using a balanced approach, we do a thorough analysis of benefits versus premiums, pointing out coverage options you may choose to add or delete from your portfolio - so you won't come up short or pay for cover you don't need.

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