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Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) Advisement - Are You Ready?

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Active Involvement, Expert Advice.

When open enrolment time arrives, we will be on site with custom information and leave behind pieces. Stone Insurance will facilitate employee education and enrollment meetings to assist with questions and answers. Personalized company presentations will be provided to your employees, along with available online access to informational libraries, glossaries, forms, networks and more. We will not be satisfied until every question is answered.

• Seasoned advisors responsible for all aspects of plan evaluation,  renewal planning and annual market analysis.

• Market research and quarterly newsletters to keep you abreast of new product developments, policy changes, legislative initiatives, and emerging market trends.

• General support of open enrollment planning and fulfilment.

• Development of corporate wellness strategies including disease management, smoking cessarion and employee assistance programs.

• Contribution strategy consultations and benchmark reports.

• Compliance assistance with Cobra, HIPAA, FMLA, ERISA and related DOL mandates.

• Assistance in developing corporate “Health Fairs”.

• Billing and enrollment administration assistance.

• Access to over 200 National Insurance Companies (Stone Insurance Agents are Preffered Brokers).

• Claims analysis and reconciliation services for employees.

• And so much more!

Additional Benefits that mean something

When you work with Stone Insurance, you benefit in many ways including;

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