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When it comes to designing your benefits package, Stone Insurance does not believe in a one size fits all approach. Rather, our team of experts works closely with you to develop a tailor made benefits program based in your business’ unique needs. Our team of advisors remain involved to conduct ongoing market research and offer strategic recommendations in a timely and proactive manner. By understanding a client’s specific business concerns, objectives, and goals, they use their expertise to deliver a solid, results driven strategy.

Group Product Design: Well-Suited Coverage. Practical Benefits.

What we call “product design” is often overlooked, and given less priority than premium considerations and contribution strategy. Yet when a gap in coverage occurs, you and your employee ask, “Why didn’t somebody advise us about this?”

This is where our knowledge and experience truly work to your advantage. We understand the products, the risks and the potential for problems. Stone Insurance is here to make sure your benefits package is well-suited and practical. Using a balanced approach, we do a thorough analysis of benefits versus premiums, pointing out coverage options you may choose to add or delete from your portfolio --- so you will not come up short or pay for coverage you do not need.

We take pride in educating our clients about the products they select, from major coverage items right down to the smaller, subtle details. It is knowledge about the little things that can make a big difference when designing comprehensive benefits protection for your business.

Simplified Selection: Custom Tailored. Exact Fit.

When we first sit down to talk, our goal is to learn about you --- your business, your employees, coverage requirements, contributions strategy, and specific needs and wishes. Our intention is to accurately analyze your unique benefit needs, requirements and budgetary considerations.

Once we have charted an accurate blueprint of your business, we then conduct a thorough review of plans and costs, identifying potential benefit options based upon coverage suitability and premium considerations. You will have the opportunity to evaluate options presented in an impartial, simplified format, designed for efficient, timely review as we discuss the pros and cons of all options.